How to find job after graduation

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Dear senior students and graduates. Sooner or later, but still there comes that fateful day when receive the diploma.

On the one hand – it is certainly a happy event. But on the other it is the beginning of a new milestone in life, the transition to the next level, finally sending You the adult and independent swimming on the ocean of life.


Points over “i”

If you don’t mind, I would like first to dot the “i”. What was Your goal entering the UNIVERSITY? If you get a degree, You just a happy owner thereof. And You probably will be surprised in many structures, even in the civil service, it is absolutely not useful. Holes in the knowledge they will not close, and ask, it will be specified in the specialty.

But if the purpose of Your admission to the UNIVERSITY was education, knowledge, and directly diploma is just a certificate confirming their receipt with for You personally to be of secondary importance on education, then you can be sure of trouble finding work and employment You will not have. Because You are a qualified young professional.

Anyway, we ourselves initially create problems, making it difficult to quickly and efficiently solve the necessary tasks. And job search is no exception.

Any difficulty

Where did the stereotype that the student or graduate is difficult to find a job? What kind of accents are these? Do you think elderly easier? Job search, a change of scenery, a new stage in life is always stressful and some difficulties, confusion. And start them with the beliefs in difficulty and almost the impossibility of solving the necessary tasks, in my opinion, short sighted.

Faith in yourself, in your capabilities is an indispensable condition of success. Just do not confuse them with aplomb. Overconfidence, excessive requirements to success are unlikely to lead.

And not to be unfounded, I will cite some figures. Studies show that 65%, that is, in fact, two-thirds, totally different companies ready to take and accept into the ranks of the employees of young specialists, i.e. graduates. Large corporations, the state of which exceeds 5 thousand people, the figure is even higher – 85%. These are the companies where You can work on a specialty, if it is to this aim.

Start small

You must understand that You have not declared themselves in their specialty, did not show itself, and to the company where you want to get. So do not expect at once to some high rate, full benefits package and so forth is going back to the question about the requirements of young professionals and aplomb.

It is unreasonable demands often become an obstacle for a place in the staff. And as one employers say today about this trend. Be adequate and objective, and first and foremost in relation to itself. We live in capitalism, and nobody is obliged to pay more than You’re worth. In General, as you know, no pain…

Experience and summary

Looking jobs, seeing the requirement for the applicant “with experience”, You probably just do eyes this ad by. But in vain! As strange as it may sound, but the lack of experience does not mean that You do not have it.

Let me explain. You’ve lived all this time, lived here until graduation, probably somewhere in worked, I did not mention the student’s practice of the specialty. You understand that the recognition of the lack of expertise at all – it is equivalent to the statement: I am armless and headless?

By the way, to the question of summary. You can often stumble upon is this, where in addition to the diploma about education and “Executive, sociable and with sense of humor,” nope nothing more. Yes cannot be!

Set all the data about practice, about the roles that You did, somewhere laboring It’s all experience.

The same applies to interviews. It is clear that every boss wants to find a mega-staff. But if You want to work here in this company, so forward, following the dream! Maybe You’re the mega-frame, and Your personal qualities and aspirations to a potential boss will be more important than the notorious “experience”.

To decide in advance

Well, I hope I was able to “unblock” You, showing those obstacles that You yourself create. If they will not – it is not less than 70% success rate. The remaining 30% is Your vision and desire to work.

If You decided that it was obtained at the University specialty – Your destiny, then try to catch during practice. Believe me, if you want, it is not only possible, but not particularly difficult. It is also possible, starting from the III-IV of the course to seek employment and even employment . Of course, to study and work at the same time will be difficult and quite exhausting, and on the education and assessments may affect. But, first, when, not in his youth to overcome difficulties, and secondly, teachers tend to go towards working students, individually, giving them jobs, and through my fingers in spite of absenteeism.

Plus, this is obvious: after graduating, You will already be employed. By the way, and the employer can Supplement the diploma give!

No pay!

Where the search vacancies? Of course, in the Newspapers, more online. Both of these planes are filled with not the most honest people. And should, of course, to do without the fraud, the situation is not so simple – job search, and the deception can lead to depression.

The most important thing here is do not pay anyone money! To pay the N-th sum for recruitment jobs – it’s like that throw them. Sites and Newspapers live on advertising, not contributions from applicants – you’ll need to understand on the nose!

Chasing the dream

If You want to do what you love, and the specialty is not one of them – You are not alone. Most importantly, go to the dream, because some wise man said, to work, doing things you love – it means not to work a minute a day.

Maybe You dream of owning your own business? So go ahead! FYI, the increase in small businesses, the number of private entrepreneurs is the credit is the same as You young guys get an education and dared.

Maybe You aspire to independence? Then surf the web! Not for me to tell You about turnover in this area. There are many sites offering jobs to freelancers, millions of publications, telling about the ways of earnings in the network. And find them no problem!

Don’t waste your time

No matter what direction You looked determined and begin in advance, to receive the treasured document on higher education. Then there will be always lost precious time will not be a missed opportunity, not nerves will be spent, etc. don’t be afraid to combine training with work, even if it affects Your diploma – for the employer it usually doesn’t matter. Remember, You are important: the content of Your character and not even experience and knowledge.

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Believe in yourself! Prior to the meeting.